Our Philosophy

Learn About Our Teaching Philosophy

We aim to understand each and every child's needs, abilities, talents and interests,
and provide a suitable learning environment where they can feel safe and confident.
The children will be provided with extensive opportunities to interact,
and through the use of language,
they will build their thoughts and become little children with big dreams.

  • 1 Zone of Proximal Development
  • 2 Scaffolding
  • 3 Interaction
  • 4 Learning Leads Development
Our Curriculum

Competent Individuals With Creative Minds


Active Participation

Building communication and
social skills through group work
그룹웍을 통해 의사 소통 능력과 사회성 키우기

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Enhancing Literacy

Strong knowledge of first language provides
stronger foundation for learning a second language
제2언어 습득의 기반이 되는 모국어의 대한 심층적인 이해

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Bespoke Learning Experience

Understanding each individual’s learning capacity
각 아이의 학습능력에 대한 이해

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Language Acquisition Environment

Providing adequate comprehensible input
이해 할 수 있는 적절한 인풋 제공

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